Make an offer without showing your hand

In a negotiation, no one wants to make their best and final offer first.

You and your counterparty tell Resolva your best and final offer, and we’ll compare them and suggest a settlement figure that would work for both of you, if there is one – without ever revealing your bottom line.

Simple to use

Create an account in minutes, and we'll guide you through the process of making an offer on the platform.

Solution focused

Resolva uses behavioural insights to encourage users to make smarter offers and find a solution faster.

Designed by lawyers

With over 40 years of dispute resolution experience between them, Resolva's founders know how small business disputes get settled.

Courts, tribunals and dispute resolution schemes

Use Resolva to triage cases before they reach a formal hearing or mediation, by finding the parties who are ready to settle but need help finding the right settlement figure.

There are many disputes that involve complex legal or commercial issues, or that are emotionally charged – but there are also many that aren’t. These are the disputes where the parties attend mediation, hold a ten-minute perfunctory opening session and spend the rest of the day in separate rooms exchanging offers.

Mediations of those disputes drag on and on because while both parties are ready to settle, in the game theory of a traditional mediation there is substantial risk in making too great a concession too quickly. Resolva solves that problem.

Financial institutions

Enhance your internal dispute resolution capability with Resolva and settle disputed debts, fees and insurance claims efficiently and uniformly across your entire portfolio.

Still negotiating with debtors over email? Use Resolva to set your negotiating parameters to save time and recover more.

Business owners

Even the cheapest alternative dispute resolution options in the market can cost more than $700 per party.

Disputes with suppliers, customers and partners don’t have to be the end of a valuable relationship. Resolva is the impartial platform that will help you find a mutually acceptable compromise and get back to creating value for both of you.

Resolva is a more cost-effective option that helps you avoid the time, cost and stress of litigation by taking a commercial, solutions-focused approach to disputes. If that’s your approach too, Resolva’s the negotiating tool for you.

How it works

See how Resolva uses behavioural economics principles, game theory, and sealed bid, second-price bidding to settle monetary disputes without lawyers, courts or mediators.

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